STELLITE® alloy 6


Stellite® 6 Material Information

Stellite® 6 is a Cobalt based alloy composed of 27%-32% chrome, 4%-6% Tungsten, 1%-2% Carbon, 3%-4% Nickel, 1%-2% Silicon and 3%-4% Iron. Due to the alloying, Stellite® 6 has a matrix consisting of complex carbides that are especially useful for applications requiring excellent hardness and wear resistance. Its hardness values range between 36-45 HRC on the Rockwell scale and 380-490 HV on the Vickers scale. It is available in both powder and wire form for welding, laser clad or HVOF thermal spray processes.

This alloy, because of its excellent hardness, exhibits exceptional wear, scratch and abrasion resistance at ambient and elevated temperatures. The exceptional wear properties chartered by this material are inherently unique and are associated with the dispersion of complex carbide phases within the CoCr alloy matrix.

Properties of Stellite® 6 coatings

Excellent hardness
Retains reasonable hardness up to 932° F (500° C)
Good Strength
Resistance to wear, abrasion and scratch formation
Excellent corrosion resistance
High bond strength for thermal spray
Low porosity
Thermal conductivity is around 14.82 W/m at room temperature
Electrical resistivity is of the order of 106 µ

Potential Benefits

Stellite® 6 coatings enhance the service life of the product.
Coatings are very effective.
Ability to tailor application by welding or thermal spray to needs and costs.
Excellent shielding against a wide variety of surface attacks and damages.
Great combination of metallurgical and mechanical properties.


Hard to apply without cracking in the welded form.
Hard to finish machine or grind.

Uses and Applications

Protection from mechanical and chemical degradation over a wide temperature range.
Saw teeth and acid resistant machine tools.
Poppet valves, valve seats and gate valves.
Pump shafts, impellers, bearings and rolling couples.