INCOLOY® alloy 800



Incoloy 800 is a rich alloy that houses top-notch chemical properties designed to withstand high-temperatures, add strength, as well as resist oxidation. It can also resist commonly occurring issues such as carburization or stress-deterioration.

This alloy is used for a range of applications that need corrosion-resistant features such as food processing or furnace equipment manufacturers. The high composition of nickel, which is a minimum 30 percent, ensures minimal embrittlement that happens due to sigma phase precipitation.

Common Names:

Alloy 800, Incoloy 800, Alloy 800H, Alloy 800HT, UNS N08800.

Chemical Properties:

Chromium (%)19.00 to 23.00
Nickel (%)30.00 to 35.00
Iron (%)39.50 Minimum
Carbon (%)0.10 Maximum
Sulfur (%)0.015 Maximum
Manganese (%)1.50 Maximum
Copper (%)0.75 Maximum
Silicon (%)1.00 Maximum
Titanium (%)0.15 to 0.60
Aluminum (%)0.15 to 0.60
Phosphorus (%)0.035 Maximum

 Mechanical Properties:

Yield Strength (Annealed)Tensile Strength (Annealed)Elongation
275 MPa39.9 ksi600 MPa87 ksi45

 Physical Properties:

Specific HeatBtu/Ib.oF0.11
Melting RangeoF2475 to 2525
oC1375 to 1385
Curie TemperatureoF-175

Key Features:

Impact Strength: Incoloy 800 flaunts impact resistant & high strength when kept at ideal room temperature. Not just that, the alloy remains particularly tough at the cryogenic temperatures.

Compressive Strength: The yield strength and compressive strength of Incoloy 800 are basically the same. This high compression resistance allows better moldability for the alloy.

Fatigue Strength: Alloy 800 houses ample fatigue strength, which means it doesn’t break down during molding and allows ample workability.

Machining: Incoloy 800 can readily be machined with the use of standard industrial methods.

Product Forms Available:

Coil: Ribbon, Foil, Strip

Wire: Round, Profile, Square, Flat


Radiant Tubes, Muffles, Cracker Tubes, Trays for Heat Treatment, Manifolds, Furnace Equipment, Food Processing, Carburising Equipment, Heating Elements, Heat Exchangers.

Possible Alternative Grades:

Inconel 718: Inconel 718 is used as an alternative for Incoloy 800, given its enhanced creep-rupture resistance properties.

Inconel 617: This particular alloy has optimum oxidation resistance properties when kept in a range of media known to be corrosive.

Inconel 625: Inconel 625 is an excellent alternative to Incoloy 800, given its ability to resist corrosion when exposed to acidic environments.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Incoloy 800 weldable?

Alloy 800 has amazing welding qualities. However, before the initiation of the welding process, the material needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

Does Incoloy 800 showcase nitridation resistance?

Incoloy 800 flaunts reasonable nitridation resistance when kept in a cracked ammonia environment. However, it falls short in terms of resistance when compared to Inconel 600.

Which salt is Incoloy 800 not resistant to?

Incoloy 800 is highly resistant to oxidizing as well as non-oxidizing salts. However, they might not be resistant to halide salts.