INCOLOY® alloy 028


Super Alloy INCOLOY Alloy 028 (UNS N08028)

INCOLOY alloys are composed of nickel-chromium-iron as the primary elements. Additives that are used in this alloy to enhance its strength, corrosion resistance include molybdenum, copper and nitrogen. These alloys are classified as super alloys due to their high strength and ability to function at high temperatures.

INCOLOY alloy belongs to the austenitic stainless steel group and is resistant to a variety of corrosive environments. The combination of chromium and molybdenum make this alloy resistant to both oxidizing and reducing acids and salts. The copper content makes it resistant to sulfuric acid.

This datasheet will look into the chemical composition, properties and applications of INCOLOY 028.

Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of INCOLOY alloy 028 is given in the following table.

ElementContent (%)
Iron, Fe29-40.4
Nickel, Ni30-34
Chromium, Cr26-28
Molybdenum, Mo3-4
Manganese, Mn≤2.5

Physical Properties

The following table discusses the physical properties of INCOLOY alloy 028.

Density8 gm/cm30.289 lb/in3

Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of INCOLOY alloy 028 are tabulated below.

Tensile strength(annealed)500 MPa72.5 ksi
Yield strength(annealed)214 MPa31 ksi
Elongation at Break(Cold worked)15%50%
Modulus of Elasticity200 GPa29000 ksi
Hardness, Rockwell B80-9080-90
Hardness, Rockwell C3333

Other Designations

Some of the designations used to denote INCOLOY alloy 028 are listed below:

UNS N08028, ASTM B 668, ASTM B709, ASTM B829


Cold Working

Cold rolling may be done on the alloy after annealing.


INCOLOY alloy 028 is used in the following applications:

Chemical and petrochemical processing industry

Downhole service in deep sour gas wells.