Shanghai Lion Metal Co., Ltd is a production of precipitation hardened steel, dual phase steel (super), corrosion resistance, high temperature alloy/heat resistant alloy, and other kinds of special stainless steel materials for the expertise of professional technology company. Developing in recent years by their own efforts and quality services in good faith and thought, in the domestic special, special stainless steel materials have a certain visibility and reputation, for domestic and foreign famous enterprises such as CNPC, sinopec, the deep blue ocean, nokia, dalian material such as nuclear power valve used unit of praise.

A, personality

Customization/CustomizedAccording to the different needs of different customers customized belong to your product.
Many years of industry experience, many fortune 500 companies cooperation experience create the most suitable products for you.

Second, Adequate Customized

Industry well-known brands, sales leads, industry experience, industry advanced equipment and senior technical personnel, rich product variety and sufficient cash resources.
Our excellent sales team can help you according to different environment applications, recommend the most suitable material. Through our 24-hour service, provide a very short delivery time and delivery in time.

Third, professional delivery/Distribution

Through our 24-hour service, provide a very short delivery time and delivery in time. Our machining on time Service for the customer to save the time spent on machining and logistics. The company has a lot of knowledge, including new technologies, Case studies, periodicals, product information and other resources, share with you – our valued customers.