Quality Control

Four steps to dispel your doubts

Trias Politica

In order to ensure the product quality of the varieties, homogenizing, stabilization, bold innovation, radically changed the quality inspection departments from the mechanism based on industry status quo of machining system, take the lead in implementing quality control, processing and marketing system of “separation of powers”.

The six sigma

Adopts the method of six sigma this system and strict management, in order to achieve operational excellence on all new and existing processes.

Objection period for seven days

Customer service representative within 24 hours to respond customer’s objection, limited-time processed;And we will provide online submit quality objection application services, to customers in a timely manner.

ISO Certification

ISO9001’s aim is: one is to improve the quality of products and services, improve customer satisfaction;The second is the standardization of the enterprise internal management.Effective of the implementation of the quality system, to ensure the design, development, procurement, storage, production, sales and service of open.

Quality Management –
to the very heart of the enterprise

In order to make high quality principle whenever you can in the enterprise of all departments to ensure the core status, not only focus on cultivating employees excellent ability and high morale.Let us modern quality monitoring system can play its maximum utility in the whole supply chain, is the top priority of our work.This system ensures that we only cooperate with the upstream and downstream of good reliable suppliers and service providers, to the customer’s requirements.Our own strict requirements for quality through this system, there is always strict control on a regular basis and implement rectification.Thus, we has been performed since 2009 to the standards of ISO quality system certification.

Although have quality monitoring successful institutionalization, but we never stop for introspection and improvement of the process monitoring and control system, it makes we are always able to provide customers with the best products, and continuously promote the growing market competitiveness clients – quality management is the heart of the enterprise: this proverb is also we never stop self innovation spirit.


High quality metal material is the primary gene of high quality products.