TRIBALOY® อัลลอยด์ T-900


Kennametal Stellite Tribaloy® T-900

ManufacturerKennametal Stellite
Trade NameTribaloy®
PortShanghai port,China
Trade TermsFOB, CFR, CIF

Material Notes:

Hardened by Laves phase, not by carbides. Higher ductility than Tribaloy® T-800.Applications: Used in applications with high temperatures and severe wear, abrasion, and corrosion.Corrosion: Good localized corrosion resistance.Weldability: Can be PTA welded with a preheat of 260°C (500°F) or higher.Wear: High temperature wear resistance. Wear test data: Method: block-on-ring; Block: alloy specimen; Ring: SAE 4620 steel, Rc 58-63, RMS 22-28 microns; Load: 90, 150, 210 lbs.; Sliding distance: 220 meters (2000 revolutions). Wear volume 90 lb. load: 0.000012(in^3), 150 lb. load: 0.000019(in^3), 210 lb. load: 0.000024(in^3); Mean wear scar width 90 lb. 0.07(in), 150 lb. 0.09(in), 210 lb. 0.09(in); Friction force 90 lb. 39(lb), 150 lb. 59(lb), 210 lb. 80(lb).Data provided by the manufacturer, Deloro Stellite, Inc.Product of former Deloro Stellite Inc.

ความแข็ง, บริเนล476476Converted from Rockwell C hardness.
Hardness, Knoop574574Converted from Rockwell C hardness.
Hardness, Rockwell A7575Converted from Rockwell C hardness.
ความแข็ง, Rockwell C48 – 5248 – 52Retains hardness up to 2640°F (1450°C).
Hardness, Vickers510510Converted from Rockwell C hardness.
Component Elements PropertiesเมตริกภาษาอังกฤษComments
คาร์บอน, ซี<= 0.080 %<= 0.080 %
โครเมียม,Cr18 %18 %
โคบอลต์ บจก40.22 %40.22 %As remainder
โมลิบดีนัม, โม23 %23 %
นิเกิล, นิ<= 16 %<= 16 %
ซิลิกอนใช่2.7 %2.7 %

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