INCONEL® อัลลอยด์ 600


Inconel 600 have corrosion resistance to many kinds of corrosive media. Chromium content made it with better corrosion resistance than Nickel 99.2 (alloy200) and Nickel 99.2 ( alloy201,low carbon) in the oxidize environment. Meantime, high Nickel content make this alloy with good corrosion resistance in the reduction condition and alkaline solution, and also effective avoid chlorine-iron stress corrosion cracking.

Inconel 600 Chemical composition:


Inconel 600 Physical properties:

ความหนาแน่น8.4 ก./ซม.³
Melting Point1370-1425 ℃

Inconel 600 Alloy minimum Mechanical properties in the room temperature:

Aolly statusแรงดึง
Rm N/ตร.ม
R P 0. 2N/mm²
การยืดตัว 5 %ความแข็งบริเนลHB
Annealing treatment55024030≤195

Inconel 600 Characteristic as below:

1.Good corrosion resistance property for the reduction, oxidation, Nitric and other media. 2.Good stress corrosion cracking resistance property in both room temperature and high temperature.

3.Good corrosion resistance of the dry chlorine and chlorine hydride.

4.Good mechanical property when below zero, room temperature and high temperature.

5.Good anti-creep rupture strength, with the recommendation of 700℃ or above working environment.

Inconel 600 Metallurgical structure

600 is face-centered cubic lattice structure.

Inconel 600 Application field:
1. Erosion thermocouple sheath of the atmosphere
2.Vinyl chloride monomer production: corrosion resistance to chlorine, hydrogen chloride, oxidation and carbonation.

3. Oxide shaft chloride converted to six fluoride: hydrogen fluoride anti-corrosion.

4. Corrosive alkali metal produce and usage filed, especially the sulfide use environment.

5. Use Chlorine produce titanium dioxide
6.Organic or inorganic chlorine produce: corrosion resistance to chlorine and fluoride.
7. Nuclear reactor
8.Heat treatment furnace flask and components, especially in the carbonization and nitride atmosphere.

9. Petrochemical works production of catalytic regeneration in the application of more than 700℃ recommended the use of 600, in order to obtain a longer service life.