INCONEL® อัลลอยด์ 601


Inconel 601 Chemistry

1. Excellent oxidation resistance at high temperature

2. Good carbonization resistance

3. Good anti-oxidation sulfur atmosphere

4. Excellent mechanical properties at room temperature and high temperature

5. Excellent stress corrosion cracking resistance Due to the control of carbon content and grain size, the 601 has high creep fracture strength and is therefore recommended for use above 500℃.

Metallographic structure of Inconel 601:

601 is a face-centered cubic lattice structure.

Inconel 601 corrosion resistance:

An important property of 601 alloy is its oxidation resistance at temperatures up to 1180℃. Even under very harsh conditions, such as during heating and cooling cycles, 601 develops a dense oxide film that is highly resistant to spalling. The 601 has excellent carbonization resistance. Due to its high chromium and aluminum content, 601 has good oxidation resistance in high temperature sulfur atmosphere.

Inconel 601, an alloy material. Have excellent oxidation resistance at high temperature, good carbonization resistance, good resistance to oxidation sulfur atmosphere, at room temperature and has good mechanical properties at high temperature as good resistance to stress corrosion cracking performance due to control the carbon content and grain size, 601 had a higher creep rupture strength, therefore it is recommended to use in the field of above 500 ℃, 601.

Inconel 601 Chemaical composition:


Inconel 601 Physical properties

Rm N/ตร.ม
Yield strengthR P0. 2N/mm²การยืดตัว 5 %ความแข็งบริเนลHB
Annealing treatment65030030

Inconel 601 Alloy minimum mechanical properties in the room temperature.

Characteristic as below:

1.Excellent inoxidability in the high temperature.

2.Good resistance to carbonizing.

3.Good inoxidabilitiy in sulfur atmosphere

4.Good mechanical property in both room temperature and high temperature.

5.Good resistance to stress corrosion cracking, 601 have high creep rupture strength since it limits the carbon content and grain size, so recommend to use for above 500℃ environment.

Inconel 601 Metallurgical structure:

601 is face-centered cubic lattice structure.

Inconel 601 Corrosion resistance:

One of the mainly performance of 601 is inexorability in high temperature, even in very inclement conditions. If in the process of heating and cooling cycle, 601 can generate the dense layer of oxide film to get high spalling resistance. 601 have good carbonation resistance. With excellent inoxidability in the high temperature of sulfur atmosphere since it has high chromium and aluminum content.

Inconel 601 Application field:

1.The tray,basket and tool clamp in the heat treatment factory.

2.Steel shares at annealing and radiation control, high-speed gas burners, Industrial furnace silk screen.

3.Separate tank of ammonia reforming and catalytic support grid of nitric acid producing.

4.Exhaust system parts.

5.Solid waste incinerator’s combustion chamber.

6.Channel support and soot dealing parts.

7.Detoxification exhaust system components.

8.Oxygen re-heater.